Commercial Solar Electricity Installations

Small scale commercial solar generation can be very profitable. An annual return of over 10% is possible before considering any additional tax benefits.

Certain factors make a larger contribution to the profitability than others. The more of these your business possesses the better higher the potential income. They include:

  • Having a suitable existing building structure on which the panels can be mounted
  • A business that runs 7 days a week as using the generated electricity saves more money than you can earn by exporting any excess
  • Having sufficient electricity demand to justify a 50kW installation

Installing your own electricity generation will not just cut your electricity bills it will also hedge your business against unpredictable energy price inflation.


Renewable Energy & Eco Housing

For the first time, many renewable energy solutions are becoming a cheaper alternative to using energy and services from the large utilities. Generating electric power, sourcing water and dealing with waste disposal can all now be done on-site at a lower cost with very little intervention and low maintenance costs. Reduce or even eliminate all of your utility bills with total off-grid solutions.


Solar & Wind Power Generation, Design & Installation

Commercial and domestic electricity generation. Off-grid battery and grid-connected solar and hybrid systems,

New commercial and domestic solar installations. Internet connected control, efficiency and security systems.


Eco House Construction

Complete self sufficient timber homes incorporating solar panels, wind turbines, rainwater capture, concrete lined bore holes, eco waste treatment, heat exchangers, solar thermal and hydroponic irrigation systems.



Water Capture, Freshwater Wells & Waste Recycling

Completely automated self contained systems to provide pure fresh water and to dispose of all household waste. Like many recent innovations these are now proving to be cheaper than using the major utilities.


UHDC Power Transmission

Long distance power transmission systems using Ultra High Voltage Direct Current and Vanadium flow cell storage.

Hydroponic Irrigation & Greenhouse Technology


Solar & Wind Powered Electric Vehicles

Electric vans, cars, bikes and aquadrone design and prototyping.

Renewable Energy & Housing Solutions

  • Solar Generation
  • Eco House Construction
  • Wind Turbines Installations
  • Water Supply & Storage
  • Energy Consultancy
  • Waste Disposal & Recycling
  • Power Transmission
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Solar Thermal
  • Thermal Insulation


  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Cut energy costs
  • Meet environmental obligations
  • Improve our environment
“The Future Is Electric”