Solar Installation Site Survey

The initial survey establishes whether the installation is viable.  This is a free service and looks at:

  1. The structural integrity of the roof or suitability of terrain. A full survey will be performed later by a structural engineer.
  2. The energy performance of attached buildings as this will affect the Feed in Tariff. A full survey will be performed later by a qualified assessor who will issue an Energy Performance Certificate.
  3. The physical features of the site such as pitch and orientation of the roof and any potential shading. These directly affect the power generation performance of the solar installation
  4. Grid connection – the location and suitability of the incoming supply. Details of the exact location, serial number, make, model and MPAN number of any supply meters will be required.
  5. Current on site power usage and the current cost per unit paid to your current supplier.
  6. Locations for on-site materials storage
  7. Plant and delivery access.

All of this information will be used to provide an accurate prediction of the power generation potential of the site using the government specified ‘Standard Assessment Procedure’ (SAP).