G59 Distribution Network Operator Application

Before we can install any generation system we have to seek permission from the local Distribution Network Operator (DNO).

They have to check that the local transmission system can operate correctly with the proposed development. If they need to upgrade any of the local network then they will issue a quotation for the work. These costs will be additional to the costs of the installation and payable directly to the DNO.

This tends to impact more remote installations such as farms. If you are located in an industrial park or town and near to a sub-station then there is unlikely to be any need to upgrade.

We will negotiate any quotation and have the right to employ independent contractors to quote for the work and complete it.

Typical requirements might be cable upgrades or a new transformer and we have been quoted prices in the range £2,000 – £50,000 for this work.

If you are going to use almost all of the power that you generate then this may not be an issue. Your generation can be effectively disconnected from the grid or limiters can be placed to reduce any likely power export. It is the unpredictable size of the power exported that is a risk to the DNO. If our design can guarantee it would not overload the local network then this will not be a problem and no extra costs will occur.